Thursday, December 15, 2011

Notepads! Notepads! Notepads!

Wow...the holidays have really been taking their toll on my creative time!  It's been busy busy busy around here... On Thanksgiving day I ran in my first 5K (a HUGE feat for me!) and my awesome brother ran it with me... in a SUIT! (Dress shoes and ALL!)

One of the projects I have been fiendishly trying to finish in time for Christmas is these little notepad holders - the floral prints are such a nice reminder that Spring is right around the corner :-)

I personalized each notepad holder with a monogram for the recipient.

Thanks for stopping by! Come back on Saturday - I will have a post for SCRAPBOOK ADHESIVES by 3L and an opportunity to WIN a prize pack!!



  1. Those are wonderful note pad holders. I'm now inspired to do something with all those note pads I bought months ago!

  2. oops--forgot to say congrats on the 5K!


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