Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Happy Card...and a Sad Card :(


I had 2 life changing events happen to friends of mine this week - both warranted a card.  One card I was excited to make - but the other - well you know... Sympathy cards are always hard.

First - my friend and coworker proposed to his girlfriend this past weekend.  So I made them a congratulations card :-)

You know, when I first saw the Natural Beauties stamp set, I was on the fence - let me tell you - its one of my favorites now!!

Secondly, one of my other coworkers lost her stepson suddenly.  Sympathy cards are never easy.  This one was no exception.

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Two beautiful cards. I'm so sorry you needed a sympathy card. They are never any fun to make. You are like an advert for the versatility of the Natural Beauties set.

  2. Just seeing this ~ they are both gorgeous!


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