Thursday, January 31, 2013



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I have been on what seems like the endless quest for the perfect inks...I figured out a while ago that I definitely prefer dye inks to pigment (just my personal preference) - but finding the perfect ink has been TOUGH!

I think I have finally found my favorite.  I have had several issues with some other inks that I thought were great... the colors changed drastically over time.  This did not make me happy :( Especially since I often make things ahead of time.

I tried several companies inks, and right now, the two I am most happy with are Memento Inks and Hero Hues.  With the Memento inks, I find that I have to use my Embossing ink first, in order to get complete coverage (not splotchy), but I don't mind. With the Hero Hues, they give me great coverage every time.  The only drawback (if you can call it that - some of you might not mind) is that some of the colors do stain my stamps.

Today, I am sharing my color comparison chart of Hero Hues in case any of you might be interested in trying them out :-)


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